Predicting Loss at
First Notice

FNOL & Triage: Accurate diagnosis before the dust settles

Don’t settle for using average repair cost or gross appraisal value to determine total loss. At First Notice of Loss (FNOL), our solutions analyze historical data and business rules to determine total loss. Real-time scoring enables shops and appraisers to automate estimate approval, while the latest business intelligence manages your shop network and observes performance to recommend the best shop for repairs.  

Our solutions kick into gear immediately after FNOL to assess vehicle damage and determine value. We equip your policy holders with simple tools to capture vehicle damage and incident photos, and based on your business rules and historical data, determine whether the vehicle is a total loss, where to send it for repair and who in your shop network is excelling.

People are your best resource

Customers need someone reliable and knowledgeable on the other end of the phone to help with their damage claim. We’re raising the bar of vehicle claims through exceptional customer experiences. Our BPO FNOL services is the largest specialized call center service in the United States and the most trusted of all third-party claims BPO providers. We’ll prove it to you.

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