Real-Time Claims
Verification Intelligence

Personalized real-time monitoring

A quality estimate that’s right the first time? No longer a pipe dream. Our compliance solutions intuitively flag estimates for review or pass them on for straight-through processing. We put the systems in place to detect potential fraud, correct estimate errors and determine next steps for your customer.  

Our intelligent estimate auditing solution helps you separate the complex jobs from the straightforward ones. Focus only on the estimates that require review and reduce the overall time spent reviewing estimates for noncompliance. Audatex’s flexible rules engine customizes rules based on your requirements—nearly every portion of the audit can be adapted to your individual business needs.

Automatic QA

Reinspection can be a valuable business process if you’re using the right tools. The Audatex reinspection solution automatically generates reports to help measure inspection KPIs, pinpoint areas for improvement and training opportunities and ensures overall quality of the inspection process. You’ll spend less time preparing for reinspections and more time responding to your data findings.

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