GADA Services and GIADA have recently partnered with TitleTec to provide Georgia’s new Electronic Title and Registration (ETR) system.

Overview of the new Georgia ETR system

  • Electronic Temporary Operating Permit will be issued on each deal at the Point-of-Sale. This provides the Department of Revenue and Georgia Law Enforcement with instant knowledge of who is purchasing/registering each vehicle as soon as the vehicle is sold.
  • Permanent Title and Registration requests are submitted to the Department of Revenue with the click of one additional button.
  • Department of Revenue mails Hard Plates and Registrations directly to the customer within days.
  • TitleTec will review your title work, scan and image all documents, and then submit the documents to the Department of Revenue.

What this means

The ETR system will create a seamless titling process for Georgia Dealers by eliminating the need to courier work to your local courthouse. This provides an added convenience for both the dealer and the customer as all plates and registrations will be mailed directly to the customer by the Department of Revenue.

Additional ETR Benefits you receive with TitleTec

  • Web-Based Systems – TitleTec’s ETR System is accessible via the Internet meaning there is no software to ever Install or repeatedly update
  • F&I Laser Forms – All Georgia DMV Documents (MV-1, POA’s, Odometer Statements, etc) are pre-populated by TitleTec and print on any laser printer.
  • DMS Integrations – Instantly transmits deal information to TitleTec from your DMS (ADP, R&R, DealerTrack, Wayne Reaves, Frazer and many others)
  • 24/7 Live Support – TitleTec’s Georgia-Dedicated Solutions Center is available 24 hours a day to assist Georgia Dealers .
  • Onsite Sales and Support – TitleTec’s local representatives will be available to assist with the rollout of this new ETR System.

TitleTec, along with the GADA Services and GIADA, will be organizing seminars to educate you on this new process. Click here to signup for TitleTec services. Also, feel free to contact TitleTec at or call 866.689.0578 for more information.

Georgia ETR Software Sign-up:

To begin using our ETR software, please download, complete and fax our contract to (214) 239-4563, or email to

Title Technologies, Inc.
14850 Montfort Drive
Suite 180
Dallas, Texas 75254
(866) 689-0578
(214) 239-4563 (Fax)

Download Contract