Parts Trading Network Add-ons

EDEN® Pics

EDEN Pics is intuitive and easy to use, making the process of adding images virtually effortless. Anyone can add them—and at any point in the inventory process. Images are safely stored in the cloud and readily visible to you for quality assurance throughout the sales cycle. You can easily reorder and assign images and even rearrange them between vehicles and parts.

Streamlined Image Workflow:

  • Add part and vehicle images at any point in the inventory process in Powerlink®.
  • View images of your parts at any time during the sales cycle.
  • All images hosted in cloud, no matter where the vehicle is associated (EDEN store, non-EDEN store).
  • Non-EDEN inventory – maintains existing custom image workflow.

Seamless Integration:

  • Effortlessly add images directly through EDEN Pics.
  • See all parts inventoried from a particular vehicle.
  • Easily search EDEN Pics for vehicles and parts.

Improved Quality of Your Inventory:

  • Arrange images in an optimal order for eLink and
  • Provide images on EDEN so everyone can see them.
  • Rearrange images between vehicle and parts easily using copy/paste or drag-and-drop.

Virtual Shipping Assistant

From Quotes, Work Orders, Delivery Tickets, and Invoices, you now have easy access to a Virtual Shipping Assistant where you can obtain rate quotes, schedule delivery, and create a Bill of Lading – all within a couple easy steps.

Get instant access to quote freight rates from the workflow you already know and use every day. NEW "Calculate Shipping" button available throughout the order process.

  • Easy access to the best freight rates.
  • Get multiple rate quotes in one step.
  • Avoid the hassle of manual research and calls to individual carriers.
  • Rest assured that rate quotes are negotiated and contracted through pre-qualified carriers on your behalf.
  • Save time monitoring all shipments with a single, consolidated tracking page.
  • Protect your revenue with an integrated, optional freight insurance directly.

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