Audatex Claims Element

Instant Access to Insurance Appraiser Estimates

Audatex ClaimsElement is a simple application that integrates fully with Audatex Estimating and eliminates the need to re-key insurer-written estimates. The result is greater accuracy, improved productivity, smoother workflow and faster cycle times — plus higher customer and insurance carrier satisfaction.

When insurance adjuster estimates, prepared using AudaExplore solutions, are ready for review, collision repair professionals can easily access them using Audatex Claims Element. You can download them directly into your Audatex estimating platform via a secure server, eliminating the need to re-key information. And you’ll always get the latest estimate version, plus any supplements. By simply activating the application within your Audatex Estimating platform, you’ll be ready to go, without installing any new software.


"Instead of spending time re-keying insurance estimates, I am now able to retrieve them with the click of a button directly from within the estimating application. I am impressed with the new and innovative functionality within Claims Element, which saves my business at least half an hour every time I avoid manual re-key."

- Kathie Wright
Walled Lake Collision, Walled Lake, Michigan

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