Commercial Trucks

Continuously monitor drivers all across the country

License Status

Only SuperVision from AudaExplore provides the data you need when you need it, from anywhere in the country:

  • Alerts when a driver’s license is expired, suspended, revoked or cancelled, and notification when the status changes
  • Regardless of whether a license is suspended for a moving violation, or a non-moving violation like unpaid child support or unpaid parking tickets, SuperVision will alert you
  • Updated Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) provided with license status alerts

SuperVision monitoring coverage varies by state. Please call or email for specifics.

Violation Monitoring

SuperVision gives you timely alerts about the violations that could impact your company:

  • Email alerts about any violations, suspensions or revocations on your driver roster
  • Updated MVRs provided with each violation alert
  • SuperVision makes it easy to audit and review all driver violations by geography, time frame and business unit
  • Organized and targeted reports identify common violations that indicate fleet trends which can be addressed in training programs

Automated MVR Ordering

SuperVision lets you pull MVRs anytime from anywhere in the country:

  • Schedule MVR pulls in advance
  • MVRs provided with all violation and license status alerts
  • Pull MVRs to screen new hires and avoid potential risks

Instant Access from Anywhere

SuperVision is a Web based application that gives you the power to monitor your fleet wherever you are. You can:

  • Easily manage user and system preferences
  • Create customized monitoring schedules
  • Import and manage driver rosters
  • Get convenient Web-based access from your desktop, laptop or tablet


Start Monitoring Your Drivers