Hollander Production Manager

Streamline Your Production Cycle with
Hollander Production Manager

Hollander Production Manager is a web application that helps you boost productivity, improve customer service and save money by giving you control over every step of the production cycle—from the moment a salvage vehicle rolls into your yard until the parts make their way to your customers.

The application extends the functionality of Hollander Powerlink and other leading yard management systems, allowing you to deploy resources more efficiently. Each part is assigned as a job, and the system prioritizes, schedules and provides complete visibility into all activities associated with sales, dismantling, quality control, dispatch and shipping.

Hollander Production Manager also helps streamline operations by providing an easy-to use workflow that guides you step by step through the most efficient production process. Added real-time visibility allows you to quickly identify and resolve production bottlenecks. You can see the status of any part or job at any time, in real time, for complete control of the process and to reduce the chance of lost or misplaced parts.

With Hollander Production Manager, you can easily monitor employee productivity, performance and even timecards. Use this data to get maximum productivity and efficiency from your employees and make staffing adjustments where necessary.


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