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Expand Your Marketplace with e-Link

Hollander e-Link is a turnkey listing tool that helps you increase sales by providing access to a vast online marketplace, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There’s no fee for placing a listing: you only pay when a part is sold.

Fully integrated with the Powerlink yard management system, Hollander e-Link allows you to submit, edit and manage eBay® Motors listings in bulk and with a single click. The parts-listing process is automated and free, reducing your risks and online selling, provides new customers, which translates into higher sales and increased profit margins.

Hollander e-Link not only synchronizes with eBay Motors to check for sales, but also automatically updates Powerlink inventory to reflect those transactions, thereby reducing the risk of selling the same part twice or offering out-of-stock inventory. e-Link integrates eBay Motors sales into the Powerlink order production and reporting workflow. All eBay Motors work orders, delivery tickets and invoices are easily identified within the system and are reported separately from other channels. Now, you can process all online and store sales through a single integrated system. The result is improved productivity.



"Selling parts via Hollander e-Link is cost effective. I don't pay for listings; I only pay when a part is sold!"

- Michelle McMasters, Sales Manager
Bill Smith Auto Parts

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