Motor Fuel e-Filing and Tracking Systems

Improving the Tracking and Reporting of Motor Fuel Usage Tax

AudaExplore provides Motor Fuel Tracking and Reporting Solutions that combine the benefits of a commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution with a customized approach based on a state’s unique needs.

A state’s proximity to refineries, ports, and pipelines often dictates whether it is an importer or exporter of motor fuel. States with many refineries and terminals tend to export fuel to neighboring states. States with few terminals tend to import fuel from different sources. This has contributed to diverse state taxation policies, and variability in points of taxation, tax rates and tax forms and schedules. This diversity has also led to differences in fuel evasion schemes, audit techniques, audit candidates, and the types of information that auditors require. Based on this, AudaExplore believes that flexible, customized approaches for reporting and tracking motor fuel work best in this environment.

AudaExplore’s Motor Fuel Filing and Tracking Solutions

  • Track fuel consumption on a load-by-load basis
  • Deliver tax processing efficiencies to the state
  • Offer flexibility to filers
  • Increase state tax revenues

Our approach embraces the portal concept by leveraging the web to serve the needs of state government and the fuel industry alike. We offer capabilities such as personalization across user groups, an integrated search engine to locate information quickly, and drill-downs to go from summary to detail information. Above all, we offer flexible solutions, and we will work with you to deliver a system that addresses the unique requirements of your state.

AudaExplore’s solutions will help you reduce evasion, increase revenues from motor fuel taxes, and improve the productivity of your staff.

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