Audatex Insight – Repair Facility Analytics

Better Analysis for Smarter Business Decisions

Audatex Insight – Repair Facility Analytics, is a next generation web-based reporting solution for the collision repair industry. This interactive tool provides an immediate snapshot of estimating performance, with customizable graphs and flags to highlight important trends. It is easy to use and provides the ability to drill down to claim level data with a single click.

Audatex Insight saves time for repair facility managers by eliminating the need to manually compile business metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). With in-depth reporting and industry data from Audatex Insight, repairers can measure their performance against other shops in their area to gain a competitive edge in the market. Additionally, repair facilities participating in direct repair programs (DRP) can access the same data and analytical tools as their insurance partners and can self-monitor KPIs to make the most of their insurance DRP relationships. Ultimately, Audatex Insight provides comprehensive analysis so that repairers can make informed business decisions. Key features and benefits include:

Consistent, Comprehensive and Accurate data – Instant access to 34 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that monitor business behavior, localized industry data comparisons for benchmarking, 24 months of historical results to monitor trends for all DRP work managed by each repair facility and trending and root cause and effect analysis.

Easy-to-use, Intuitive User Interface – Create, modify, filter, share and save reports and dashboards with a highly interactive interface. Customize graphical views of industry data and automate reports for easy distribution.

Simple customization capability – Create custom reports and dashboards by grouping and filtering data across many dimensions.


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